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Brand Description

19NinetyTwo is one of the Malaysia stationery brand mainly for handcrafted Leather Travelers Journal .We always believe that design does let it turn what is complex into a simpler way of communication. '19NinetyTwo' was not a physical shop as we only sell & promote our goods online. It is also act as platform was initiated to constantly bring in the stationery & craft with our collaborated designer, which is in, affordable in price range to grab your attention & to give you a helping hand on your writing journey. 


Designer Profile
Paggie Foo, the Founder of 19NinetyTwo & a students of Master of Architecture who would like to raise the awareness of the public in Malaysia regarding the needs of perception chenge towards the locally made products & educate them to appreciate the making the handmade products.Other than being immersed in her architecture world , she is also journaling enthusiast who looking into the experience of preserving the memories physically & use journal as a perfect medium to showcase her inner thoughts.The reason that the brand was named as "19NinetyTwo" came from the negative perceptions and misconceptions from public towards the young generation who born after 1990 hence,this brand will be one the platform to reverse the social perception from public.